Best Inversion Table 2018 – Complete Buying Guide

Inversion tables are becoming more popular all the time because it doesn’t take too long to start enjoying the benefits of using one. Not only are the benefits apparent reasonably rapidly for various exercise regimens but also for many kinds of neck and back pain relief. Read through this guide to buying the best inversion table.

10 Best Inversion Tables - Our Top Picks

You don’t have to wrap your head around every write-ups and reviews on the net before getting the best inversion table because I have got you covered on that. You are ready to be an inversion table owner. Check out these top 10 best inversion tables in 2018 to have a pick.

The reviews you are about to read here come as testimonies from true users who have purchased and use any of the inversion tables listed above. Our team performed a door to door question and answer research, and in addition to the research result, I have used some of these inversion tables along with my research team.

1. Teeter EP-560 Best For Relieving Back Pain


  • It can be easily assembled
  • It comes with side handles
  • Can be operated by anybody
  • There’s a five years warranty
  • It comes with a disc that contains operation guides
    Approved by FDA


  • It is expensive and unavailable for shipping in some countries
  • Spare parts not available locally
  • Require regular maintenance

With teeter, all that glitter is gold. Whatever product is it you buy from teeter, be rest assure of a good choice. A proof is the Teeter EP-560 which received its FDA number K16272 late 2017 from the health and human services department of FDA.

During the test carried out by the Underwriter Laboratories (UL) on it and some other top inversion table, it was certified for the best endurance, easy rotational control, and seamless assembly. According to real users, the ergo-embrace support covers the ankle, allowing for an even distribution of weight throughout the legs.

There are three grip handholds at the top edge of the comfortable bed with smooth surface to make stretching easy and fun. The 48.5×30×8.9inch sized inverter weighing exactly 58.2 pounds spots reliable materials in the cam-locks and auto-locking hinges for durability.


After appearing on Amazon for the first time early 2018, it has received over 100 positive reviews and 4.5 stars from users who all testified to the manufacturer’s claims of; spinal stenosis treatment, spasm and muscle tension relief, back pain relief, and more.

Teeter EP-560 is the easiest to use inversion table, all you need to do is set it for the height you like, then lock your ankles with the ergo-embrace support, and relax on the smooth bed. It is easy to control your rotation by moving your arms in the direction you want.

As an overall, you only have 5 steps to assemble and fold it, each of which takes 11 minutes at most. This is the greatest inversion offer since 2017.

2. Innova ITX9600 Inversion Table


  • Can withstand great pressure
  • Heat resistant steal frame
  • Waterproofed backrest
  • It balances well and does not shake
  • It takes few time to arrange it
  • It has the greatest capacity of pressure resistance
  • A larger backrest


  • It is bulky and difficult to transport
  • It is one of the most expensive inversion table
  • Not easily used like its predecessors

Innova ITX9600 is a heavy duty 62 pounds with large adjustable pad, comfortable backrest with foam, and 6 adjustable pin with protective cover over the true balance system that allows everyone to easily have their weight centralized in the middle part of the table.

This Inversion table can withstand a heavyweight of 30lbs daily without losing its quality in any visible way. Surrounded with heavy duty steel frame that has a high resistance to heat for your comfort, Innova ITX9600 gives the most comfortable inversion experience than any other inverter can.

With the comfortable foam that is soft and waterproofed, relaxing, stretching, and crouching on it is appealing and treats the skin better than any inverter without a foam. Everyone can easily find their center of gravity immediately after attaching their ankles and setting the adjustable pin.

It is not a fixed inverter, so you need to assemble it before using it, and then fold it back just the way a dryer is folded. This is the right option for anybody with heavy weight or someone who wants to lose weight with an inversion table.



  • It has the longest handle
  • The pillow pad is thicker and softer
  • It can be folded even by those who know nothing about inverters
  • The backrest is firm and not sloppy
    It comes with a user’s guide
    Resistant to heat
    It is durable and moisture-friendly


  • Takes much space for use
  • Heavy and bulky
  • Spare parts are not available

4. Teeter EP-970 Inversion Table


  • Easily used Ez-reach system
  • A better ankle support
  • More than to grips to increase your stretching option
  • Registered by FDA
  • Easily assembled
  • Come with warranty
  • Fire resistant


  • Smaller backrest
  • It is too tall and can’t be easily mounted

5. Exerpeutic Inversion Table

Another version of Inversion table from Teeter is the Teeter EP-970 which has received about 65 success stories on eBay, over 50 positive reviews on Amazon, and a list of testimonials in videos that are accessible on YouTube.

One of the users, in response to a question from one of our research team, said she fractured a vertebra while learning to drive at the age of 16, and she was only able to discover a solution at the age of 46 while visiting a chiropractor.

According to her, she was able to overcome the pains that come regularly from her fractured L5 vertebra on which she had spondylolisthesis. In addition, she grew osteoporosis on the fracture, and on her hips, she developed osteopenia some three years back before coming in contact with an inversion therapy.

She had spent $40 weekly on every chiropractic visits before seeing Roger Teeter demonstrate how to use the inversion table and its application. She started making researches on the best inversion tables and how to use them in solving her problems as she could no longer resist her chronic pains.

Today, she’s leaving a pain-free life after some weeks using the Teeter EP-970 inversion table two times a day with an overall time spent on the table daily as 40 minutes. You may find her story helpful, so my team and I have made her put it up on amazon review segment, read it here

Now let me give you a full insight into all the features of the Teeter EP-970. Registered and confirmed by FDA, of course, to correct spinal curvature resulting from tight muscle, muscle tension, neck pain, back pain, facet syndrome, and muscle spasm, the inverter spots longer ankle handle than those of its predecessor.

It comes with nodes for acupressure and lumber bridge. With the traction handle, you can easily have a safe rotation on the ComforTrak bed while you hold on to any of the three grips in the stretching process.

The Ez-reach system for the ankles is a combination of extended handle and strip-lock security to make attachment comfortable. The Ergo-embrace support is better than that of its predecessor, while the ankle comfort dial is more flexible and firm. This version can be seen as an advancement done on its predecessors.


  • It has AIRSOFT ankle holder for comfort and firmness
  • Good security
  • It can be easily stored
  • Folding process is easy
  • Mounting on it is easy
  • Supports great weight
  • Durable materials


  • It takes much space for use
  • The steel frame respond to heat

The exerpeutic inversion table come in different style, but here I will be given a full review on the Exerpeutic 975SL All inclusive Extra capacity inversion table. The system feature an extra wide tubular rigid frame holding a max sized bed that can rotate to infinity.

Relaxing on the backrest which is a thick, soft foam that gives you the comfort of a water bed, your hands close to the Icontrol disk brake system by which you can enable unlock to infinity.

As it inverts you toward the angle you want, the palm activated sure luck system is never far-fetched so you can easily make it stop at that angle you want. Being an adjustable one, the surelock system is made with the best material for top security, so you need not to fear of falling off.

Though the backrest is soft, it is made in such a way that makes you stay fixed and comfortable, preventing unwanted shift from position. The Exerpeutic 975SL All inclusive Extra capacity inversion table is the first of its kind to come with AIRSOFT rigid steel ankle holder covered in a big layer of soft foam to give you an unmatched comfort.

The 39.5×32×74.5 is capable of eliminating high pressure, and the ankle holder does not pinch the skin nor does it form lines and wound the ankle. With a 5 step fold which takes about 15 minutes, the system can be folded by anyone into a very small shape to ease storage.

You are likely to start seeing this table at the gym due to its durability and capability to accommodate anyone with any weight and size, excluding children below the age of 5.

6. Innova ITM 4800


  • There’s a money refund policy
  • 5 years warranty
  • Adjustable and firm
  • Resist corrosion
  • Stronger steel frame
  • Comfy backrest of a larger size


  • Too expensive
  • Bulky
  • It puts more pressure on the floor


  • It can withstand up to 300lbs pressure
  • Longer and comfortable backrest
  • Stands firmly throughout the inversion process
  • Can be operated easily
  • Heat and sound resistant
    Water resistance


  • May cause shifts when in use
  • The adjustable is far from hands
  • Too firm ankle holder

7. MERAX Inversion Table

The innovative ITM 4800 is an inversion table coming from one of the top producer in the inverter industry. Beating its predecessors, it comes with a more portable steel frame coated with heat resistant paint that will never peel off even when exposed to rain regularly.

The steel frame doesn’t absorb heat, and it doesn’t cause electrical shock during summer, so you can enjoy your inverter for as long as you want without damaging it.

The ankle holder will hold you firmly and comfortably at every angle of inversion, and you will almost forget that inversion therapy is an exercise, because it will make you feel relaxed and calm.

Coming to the top of every other inverters that causes unwanted shifts, the innova ITX4800 will keep you fixed in whatever position you want without the need of frequent and uneasy readjustment.

It can withstand about 300lbs pressure with its rigid stand support that allows weight to be distributed evenly to the center of gravity. It comes with 1-year warranty and an in-house service in case you need help using it, though even a novice can operate it.

Receiving over 600 success stories on Amazon and over 400 on eBay, Merix Inversion table is now taking its place in the gyms and yoga classes.

I had two purchased to be used in my yoga class over the weekends because of its low price and amazing features like easy to fetch hand grip that makes stretching easier,double foam ankle holder for comfortable attachment, coated steel frame for corrosion resistance, and other cool features that set your inversion experience in a better way you can ever desire.

This inverter is every weight lose dreamer’s choice as it is the most suitable for push up which strengthen the abdominal muscle with zero stress. With over 6 months warranty, Merax can be returned with a money refund policy if you find it unfit for the purpose you want it for.

8. Innova ITX9700


  • Gives a greater inversion angle
  • Sound resistant steel frame
  • Coated with attractive paints for aesthetics
  • It is a multipurpose inverter


  • Not ideal for short people
  • Lack waterproofed backrest
  • Can give some creaking sound when using

This is an advanced version of ITX9600, and a beat on the popularITX4800. It spots three hand grips that are not far-fetched. The flexible disk allow you to turn the table around your way.

Turning an inverter beyond 180 degrees isn’t something easy to come by, but with the ITX9700, you can stay inverted at any angle, performing all of those yoga poses and inversion therapy for as long as you want.

The frame is made with durable steel that has sound resistance and heat resistance to prevent skin burn during an outdoor inversion on a hot summer noon. You don’t need an expert hand to set the system, and it doesn’t require technical know-how for operation.



  • Can be used in gym centers
  • It can be assembled in less than 22 minutes
  • Withstand much pressure
  • Does not make unpleasant squeaking sound
  • Strong and durable


  • Too big to be used at home
  • The height is too great
  • Expensive

10. Invertio Inversion Table

The ironman gravity 1000 is the most readily available version of ironman gravity. It is used in gyms and relaxation centres to be used by everybody. The inversion system will make you never to skip your inversion therapy routine as it gives an optimum comfort.

Yes, there are some few inverters out there that can break your inversion experience to zero, but the gravity 1000 won’t. It lasts longer and gives all the benefits I have listed above for a good inversion table.

This is the last on my list of 2018 best inversion tables, but it is among the most rated on Amazon. All of its features like rubber grips and foam covered ankle holder aim at increasing your inversion satisfaction day in day out.

Although it is required to have someone by your side when using it, you can use it on your own if you are smart enough.


  • Warranty
  • It is easy to reach the adjustable pin
  • Non-sloppy backrest.
  • Coated steel frame


  • Low aesthetics
  • Dull color

Inversion Tables Let's Explore

What is an inversion table? Among the most effective and sought-after therapies, an inversion table is a machine-like table capable of treating back pain by positioning your body upside down to annul gravitational effects on your spine.

Taking gravitation effects off your spine is like lifting a ton of load off your back to give you maximum relief. On an inversion table, you begin to feel the absence of pressure around the nerve roots and discs in your spine and also a sort of cooling effect in your vertebra which is a sign of vertebra enlargement.

With the best inversion tables, get ready to throw your yoga membership ticket under the bed, as you no longer need to go through all those painful yoga poses that only add to the pain intensity.

The power of these tables span over increasing body flexibility, posture improvement, treatment of abdominal organs and vein relief.

Few patients with chronical disease who were subjected to inversion table and other inversion therapy had irregular blood flow returned to normal within a short period, though they were subjected to some strict diets too.

Although there are some restrictions to the use of inversion tables (I will be pointing ng them out), best inversion tables are capable of achieving what the gym can’t within the shortest duration and with zero stress.

Let me show you how this system works. Read on.

Things You Should Look Out For When Buying An Inversion Table

Now that you know everything about the life-saving inversion table, here is the best inversion table complete buying guide to help you get the one perfect for you.

Success Stories
Apart from listening to the promises made by online store owners and the actual sellers, read the product’s success stories. The best place to read legitimate success stories, not those reviews written by paid writers, is Amazon.

Check Amazon for the product and check the success stories in the review section before clicking on the “add to cart” button or before visiting a store to buy. You can also watch testimony videos on YouTube for confirmation.

After reading the success stories, a product’s warranty is the most important thing you should check for before buying any mechanical product. A good inversion table should have at least 5 years warranty and an in-house service to guide you through using it in case you miss something.

I have seen some brands having 1-3 years warranty in the market myself, never go for any of them. A good company should have confidence in its product, for a company to have placed a few years trust on their product, how can you then be sure of having that product in shape for long?

Luckily, there are still some good brands out there with 6 years warranty, many of them will even last 12 years and above.

In this write-up, I have shown you those trusted brands and their full specs, so keep reading to know if the brands I have shown you have all the features a good inversion table should possess.

Registered With FDA
Many inversion tables claim hundred but give zero. To be sure of an inversion table brand claim, check if it is FDA registered.

Only an FDA registered product is reliable when it comes to claim, but that doesn’t mean there are not some few good brands without FDA.

Check The Key Features
You may be seeing a real inversion table for the first time. Perhaps you have seen them in pictures, but that is not enough to let you know the features of an inversion table.

Let me show you all what makes an inversion table, so you turn down anyone missing any of the features below:

Ankle System: There should be an ankle system that holds the ankles firmly and comfortably. In case you can’t find it in an inversion table, ask for it, but do not buy if it is not attached to the table. I mean if it is removable.

Auto-locking hinges: Every inversion tables come with hinges to prevent disconnection during the turning process. Check and be sure the hinges are firm and durable.

Heat resistance steel: There are steels surrounding the table and beneath the foam. Be sure the steel is resistant to heat, at least you don’t want to get your skin burnt while using your table under the sun.

Good and Ergonomic Design: The bed should be designed in a way to allow free stretching and folding. The whole of you should be accommodated on it in every posture you make.

Ease of use: you want an inversion table, not a nightmare. A good inversion should come with an easy to follow user’s guide, so you don’t have to disturb anybody before using it.

Check, if the user’s guide is too complex or complicated, do not buy it, otherwise go online to watch the how-to videos.

Ease of Assembly: A good inversion table should be able to be easily assembled. Request to see them assembling it, and also request for a trial before buying. You may be buying a table that can’t be assembled.

Good benefits: An advanced company produce only to improve lives. Check for the benefits, can you stretch comfortably on it? Can it hold you firmly without falling? You can get real answers to these two questions by reading legitimate reviews on each brand.

The above is all you need to know before betting your money on an inversion table. Now let me show you how to use your inversion table.

How to use the Inversion Table

Inversion tables are used for a broad list of purpose. To know all the benefits of inversion table, I suggest you keep reading and scroll down to see.

Like I have said, inversion tables work for different things, Here I will be teaching you how to use an inversion table to build strength and get relief from strain, stress, and chronic pain.

Stretching exercises for beginners: it is essential to start with stretches. Once inverted, spread your legs and bend your torsos side to side to allow the muscles around it to relax after contracting and expanding.

As you do this, spread the lower part of the spine then work to the middle part till the top part of the spine. This will give you a stress-free and tension-free spine and make you feel relaxed.

It will allow a natural moisturization of the dehydrated spine and make blood circulation easy.Continue by stretching your right hand above the body while gripping the left waist with your left hand and bend toward the left side, repeat the same process toward the right to send shock to the kidney if you have kidney stones.

Stretching exercise for experts: start by attaching yourself to the table, then get tilted upside down to gain freedom from gravitational pressure. Continue with sit-ups, inverted crouches, inverted squats, and finish with stretching.

To have a full insight into all the benefits of inversion tables, see below.

Benefits of Inversion Tables

Does this therapeutic system worth all the appraisal and glories given to it? The market has received a big buzzing immediately after the first inversion table received recognition.

While the internet is filled with a lot of reviews stating the cool benefits featured in the table, but some of these claims are untrue that is why I am going to show you all the benefits you should be expecting from buying one.


Spine Realignment
Our daily activities under the gravitational force are the main cause of change in posture. Covering of long distance on foot, sitting with round shoulder while working with a computer in your office, placing of heavy load on the head or shoulder, and other activities push your supporting bones, misaligning and weakening them.

Once the bones, usually the spine, gets misaligned, the surrounding tissues grow in that direction, leading to permanent bendiness of back and shoulders. Luckily, with the best inversion tables, a realignment can be done to get your shape back.

Discs Rehydration
According to research, our height reduces during the day and increases overnight. To confirm this, measure your height immediately waking up from the bed and write down whatever your height is, then repeat the process before going to bed at night, you will discover that the height recorded in the morning is greater than that of the night.

All our activities, sitting especially, dehydrate our discs by pushing out water from them when compressed by pressure. As water leaves the discs, the spaces they leave make our spinal chord to fall, resulting in decreasing in height, and if this continues for long, there is a tendency for height loss.

To prevent or correct this, an inversion table tilted to about 60 degrees will allow the discs to expand, creating space for fluids and nutrients to circulate freely through the spine.

Muscle Relaxation
We are all subjected to pressure except when in sleep. A large percentage of people receive more bodily pressure while sleeping due to bad sleeping manner.

According to doctors, the right sleeping position is attained by lying on the right side to prevent pressure from the heart and spine, while it is also recommendable to sleep with the back on the bed and the frontal part of the body facing the upward direction.

But a perfect sleeping posture is never attained, that is why almost everyone wants to buy the best inversion table. A regular stretch on the table allows your muscle to relax and take a break from the pressure. You begin to feel weight leave your muscles as your tissues receive enough space for growth and repair.

Stress and Tension relief
Why continue swallowing those big pills that only cover up stress for a short period? The list of pain-relieving pills side effects includes mouth odor and bad breath which is the most unpleasant and embarrassing.

I used to have an intense pain around my legs some few years back due to tension. This pain got me into taking pain-relieving pills.

At first, the pills work great, but lost effectiveness over some few weeks, I was able to find an escape after placing an order online on an inversion table. Inversion tables help to reduce tension in the shoulders, pelvis, stomach, neck and helps to keep the stress of the heart.

Increase in Flexibility
Get ready to dump your yoga membership ticket. Why pay for what you have? Yoga classes are good, I was a yoga teacher too, and I love getting paid for it.

The poses done in yoga classes are painful enough to make you cry, not only that, getting an expert yogi to teach you can be way too expensive than the few bucks you need to get an inversion table.

The system, if used regularly for stretches, makes the tissues and muscles flexible within a short period plus it is a stress-free process.

Health fitness
If you need an option for push-ups, something that can give you more of what a treadmill can offer, then go for an inversion system. Performing regular stretches on inversion table help to keep the body fit and the internal body system healthy.

With sweat leaving your body as you stretch, every organ receive better blood circulation as well as get the number of nutrients they require to perform their functions.

Inversion table will give you a well shaped six packs safely if you adopt a strict veganism diet. Inversion table may also be your perfect solution to weight loss by burning up your extra kilos with heat generated in the process.

Reduce nerve pressure: nerve pressure buildup over time. The more you live, the more pressure you have around your nerves.

With 30 minutes of inversion, the nerves slowly lose pressure and become relaxed and free to gain more strength for growth and daily activities. Spend just 30 minutes on your inversion table before going to bed and wake up strong and healthy with fresh and pressure-free nerves.

Those are the legitimate facts about the inversion table, so expect nothing less and nothing more. To guide you on your way in the market as you look around every inversion tables, I have listed for you things you should look out for when buying an inversion table.

Why You May not Use an Inversion Table

Ageing is never a crime, but looking old is. Everybody wants to draw all of the benefits of the famous inversion tables to themselves, but few know whether they are eligible to use an inversion table or not.

According to experts, high blood pressure patients, pregnant women, people with glaucoma, those with eye problems, and victims of heart problems are not eligible to use an inversion system, as there is a great possibility of risking their health to bleeding retina, a headache, blurred vision, increase in blood pressure, increase in eye pressure, and cardiac arrest.

A patient with diabetes type 1 and 2 will be exposing his kidney to more kidney related problems. Kids should also not be allowed to use inversion tables because of their fragile health status.

Before getting yourself one of these therapeutic systems, I advise you talk to your doctor about it or go for a medical checkup to know your health condition. By so doing, you will be able to know whether an inversion table will work for you or cause you more harm.

You might have heard of the wonders inversion tables perform on kidney stones, but is it true you can get rid of those stones weighing down your kidney by inversion? See confirmation below.

Inversion Tables and Kidney Stones
There’s nothing that can show you what the hell truly is like kidney stones do. Kidney stones come with intense pain that leaves a victim helpless and confused. Even with the most difficult diet and stressful exercises, victims are never free from kidney pains until surgery or two is performed on them.

Moreover, these surgeries are not only expensive but also leads to defects like skin deformation (flabby and sagging skin mostly). Thanks to the invention of inversions, kidney stones can be treated if a victim is under an instructor’s inspection.

The shocks created by a slow turning of inversion table can be harnessed in breaking the stones, although not in a situation where the stones are in big sizes.

Furthermore staying in the downward position, there is a possibility that the broken stones can get removed from the kidney. Eating some specific fruits will help speed up the process and give a better result.

Never use a product you can’t pronounce. Inversion tables work well for almost everyone, so you don’t need to go for surgery before getting back your spine.

Many pain relieving pills and creams come with side effects that open the body system to danger. Those who use injections for pain relief usually end up regretting it.

Also, just one inversion table can serve all your family members, why then continue splashing out much cash from your wallet on organic products?

Let me show you how these seamless therapeutic tables work in giving you a hundred per cent safe breakthrough from bone and tissue problems.

Inversion tables work using a counter-gravity system. You lay flat attached to them with some firm and comfortable clips to prevent falling as you gently get turned upside down.

In that position, the spine, disks and other joints slowly lose weight as you control your breath during the process. The weight loss occurs as a result of the absence of gravitational pressure in every part of the body.

It is this freedom from pressure that allows blood to circulate correctly around the body system, give stretches to your joints, and correct bad body posture painlessly.

The theurepatic inversion works great, but it is not safe for everyone, to know if you can go for one, I will show you things to look out for. See below.

Do Inversion Tables Actually Work?

You need to know exactly what you want when looking out to buy the best inversion table. Allowing you to hang your body upside down is not just enough quality to buy in an inversion table. You have to set your facts right.

Remember to speak and consult with your physician before acting on anyone’s advice, but I would strongly suggest asking your doctor about inversion table therapy and find out if it’s what you need to help you decrease your back pain, improve your back posture and alignment, and just help you get feeling better than you are currently.

You can decide to opt in for an inversion chair instead, they offer almost the same benefit as inversion tables. The best inversion chairs are easy to sit upon and have a perfect inversion therapy. It is easier to attain an inverted position with chair and inversion chairs are best for people with chronic pains.

If you’re this kind of person looking out to buy the best inversion chair, our ultimate best inversion chair guide is the best thing you need to look at right now before making your decision.

The answer is pretty easy. Inversion table users made a believer out of me.  I’ve watched the videos and inversion table infomercials and I can see where people might think it’s a scam. You have a bunch of dorky 50 year old guys proclaiming inversion tables as a miracle cure.

Unfortunately, this makes inversion tables look like they’re a scam and the benefits to seem like a myth.I actually bought one based on reviews and common sense (hanging upside down would seemingly eliminate spinal pressure) and now that I’ve used it since Christmas, I’ve had a positive experience and I think my posture is better and my back feels more free.

“I wrenched my back in my mid 20′s and had huge back pain that wouldn’t stop so I started going to a chiropractor which helped greatly. I saw an inversion table at a mall and out of curiosity tried it. So, I bought it and I love it. It really does the trick and it gives me better and longer lasting adjustments than my chiropractor was able to.” – floofox

“To anyone who thinks inversion is a bullshit product, you’re wrong. It did work for me. 1 year ago, I was told by 2 neurosurgeons that surgery was the only way to repair my L5/s1 disc. Today, I am back to “almost” where I was. Try it! I mean, what do you have to lose besides the horrible back pain. If u dont like the table after 90 days or so, then sell it. But you gotta give it a try. I hope this helps and I hope no one ever has to go through that horrible pain again!” – pisceslady71

“Inversion tables work for me. Just make sure you get a sturdy one that is well made and is comfortable in use. You should be able to easily find one for less than $100 new and likely can find used ones for much less; though I would inspect them carefully.” – Richard223

“This is so helpful. I have less pain than I did just before I did three of these decompression exercises!” – perrisams

As an owner of an inversion table, I agree that inversion tables are very beneficial. I don’t know if inversion tables are a wonder machine (my back wasn’t hurt really bad so I can’t say) but I do think they are very beneficial and provide positive impact.

My Take On Inversion Tables

Turning the world upside down may be your 180 degrees turn away from back pain and nerve pressure, it will be all you need for spine realignment, relaxation of muscles, and flexibility to mention a few. According to research, almost 70% of adults complain of back pain and joint problems, a majority of which blame it on seasons like winter and spring.

It’s true the harsh cold of winter affects muscle and bone joints, but it is not responsible for your bad posture. Scientists discovered the earth gravitational force to be the primary cause of chronic pain and other bodily defects, excluding fracture which results from accidents.

The effect of gravity which keeps our movement under good control is evident in all our activities like; walking, sitting, sleeping and exercising, to keep the list short. But as gravity does that, it bends the spine, weakens bone and tissue joints, and dehydrates us, all of which result to bad posture and chronic pain.

To overcome the unpleasant results of gravity, chronic pain victims and the physically disabled spend time at the gym flipping tires and galloping over the treadmill, while the population of yoga students is increasing for the same reason. But many of the exercises taught in yoga classes and the workouts done in gyms only add to the problem at hand, that is why you complain of pains after leaving a yoga class or the gym.

To give you the safest escape from pains and other defects in body posture, inversion therapy and inversion tables have been invented. And I think I’ve been able to guide you right in choosing the best inversion table on the market. You’ve got only one spine, please take care of it


As our bodies age, we tend to experience spinal disc dehydration. The result is that many times we experience back pain. Using an inversion table allows the spine to extend to take the pressure off the discs and relieves the pain.

We’ve all heard that often people will lose height in later years. Dehydration of the spinal discs causes these. They don’t contain the amount of fluid that acts as a cushion for the vertebrae anymore.

It was strongly suggested that using an inversion table to stretch the spine on a regular basis will allow the discs to re-hydrate. You will begin to regain your original height and experience far less back pain.

We believe that it’s essential to use a quality piece of equipment for this therapy. A cheaply priced unit may not offer the stability you desire while hanging head down. The best inversion tables we could find, with the most features are what we have gathered here based on out tester’s experience.


IRONMAN IFT 1000 Infrared Therapy Inversion Table

Inversion table review

Picking on pains after having them pick on you may be your plan this weekend but you haven’t figured how to do it. It is cold here with everything turning into winter.

This means that your back pain intensity is going to be high, nevertheless you can get yourself equipped with the best inversion table to deny all the wicked prophesies of winter. Knowing how to get the best inversion table may be difficult than hiding a box of chocolate or candy from a kid.

You’ll have to get your head buried in a lengthy inversion table buying guide, reviews, and how to use an inversion table tutorial on the NET. But as it turns out to be, with the IRONMAN IFT 1000 Infrared Therapy Inversion Table, spending a little part (or more if you like) on it will give you a pain-free week, so you can concentrate on your work worry-free.

Within the next few lines, I’ll give you a full spec on the super combo IRONMAN IFT 1000 Infrared Therapy Inversion table and a legit review (not the false ones you have read somewhere else) to get you aware of what to expect from it. Check this out below.

Read More


Frequently Asked Questions About Spinal Decompression Machines Therapy

Spinal decompression machines therapy is a popular alternative treatment for people who suffer from chronic lower back pain.

Compared to back surgery, spinal decompression remains to be a better solution for back pain, sciatica, and other symptoms. Through the use of spinal decompression equipment, one can achieve relief from spinal nerve pressure brought on by a herniated disc or by degenerative disc disease.

How Spinal Decompression Works

Spinal decompression works by creating a vacuum within the spinal disc. This vacuum creates a so-called suction force that’s supposed to draw in the disc material. The disc material is then able to position itself back in place.

As an added result, disc healing is improved as the flow of fluid and essential nutrients into the disc increases.
Symptoms are relieved, and damage to the discs is rectified. This allows patients to return to their normal activities.

Spinal Decompression vs. Traction
Traction is essentially the ancestor of spinal decompression therapy. With traction, force is applied intermittently or continuously along the axis of the spine.

This process technically elongates the spine. Though this has been proven to be effective, its results are inconsistent. Pain relief obtained through traction is only temporary. Read More


Teeter Inversion Tables : Your Spine Companion

teeter inversion tables

Are you looking for the best inversion equipment in the market today? Teeter is one of the best and most respected brands in the inversion equipment market today, and the company has continued to shine as a pioneer in the industry.

Judging from the thousands of positive Teeter Hang Ups Review in various media, Teeter is indeed one of the best. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons you should invest in Teeter inversion tables today.
Teeter’s Commitment to Quality

Teeter boasts a firm commitment to quality. Where all other brands have failed, Teeter has succeeded. Even when medical sceptics strongly scrutinized inversion therapy, Teeter continued to produce high-quality inversion equipment for everyone to use.

5 Reasons You Should Use Teeter Inversion Tables

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Sciatica- Causes, Diagnosis and Inversion


The largest nerve in the human body is the sciatic nerve. It extends from the nerve roots in the lumbar spinal cord to the buttock area, and down to the lower limb. Because of its extension throughout the body, it can easily become pinched.

What Is Sciatica?

The symptoms suffered are caused by the pinched nerve and are diagnosed as Sciatica. Sciatica is often focused on one area in the lower back but can extend through the back of the thigh and the leg.
Many victims of Sciatica are incapable of making even the slightest moves with their leg due to the immense pain. Such an injury can also prevent simple movements required for driving. Read More


6 Factors To Consider When Purchasing Inversion Tables

Inversion Tables

When buying Inversion tables, some things are needed to be put into consideration. Your spine comfort is your greatest desire for inversion therapy.

1. Features

  Not every Inversion Table is created equal.  Better Inversion table brands like Teeter offer high-quality tables, that fold down for easy storage, also preset rotation controls that allow you to pre-determine your maximum angle while inverting.



2. Budget

 We understand that during these hard economic times, a budget is still mandatory. Most Inversion Tables range from $150 to $600 or more for higher-end Inversion Tables. Read More

Inversion Tables : Things You Need To Know

Inversion Table

Back pain causes are different, and the remedies are also versatile. How to find out which back pain cure is the most reliable one? Honestly, any back pain treatment procedure that can help you stay away from the annoying surgical procedure hazards should be prioritized first.

Inversion Tables can help you get a lot of relief if you are suffering from back pain constantly. There are a lot of people who have noticed a significant improvement in their condition after using inversion tables. The technique of going against the gravity to increase blood flow, improve lymphatic circulation and decompress the spine is thousands of years old.

This treatment method is known as inversion therapy. With the advancement in technologies, you have improved advantages. Now you get the benefits of inversion therapy easily at home using this table. Read More